Every year, SJM holds its annual National Sales Meeting in early February.  The meeting presents its own unique challenges, from managing complex show flow and presentation content to developing a creative theme that satisfies the sales organization's communications goals for the year. For this years meeting, leadership wanted to focus on the personal qualities that shape the organization and make us unique.
We started the creative process by sitting down with senior sales leadership and identifying the unique qualities that they wanted to focus on for 2013.  From there, we put pen to paper and sketched out some rough concepts in addition to doing some visual studies.  We settled on a very flowing style, featuring a unique illustration for each characteristic made from four colored ribbons/lines.  These lines flowed throughout the electronic and printed support materials at the meeting, and tied everything together nicely.
Once we had the final illustrations, I wrote an opening script, tying in the themes expressed in the creative brief.  We engaged an external animator (Meditech Communications) to make the opening video come to life. The end result was a well executed, cohesive campaign experience that was present throughout all aspects of the sales meeting.
Initial Sketches
Second Round Refinements
Final Imagery
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