I've been helping Aston Martin of the Americas with some of their day-to-day marketing collateral including printed and digital ads, promotional materials, product microsites, and presentations. Below is a small sample of the work we've collaborated on so far. 
This opportunity has allowed me to gain some experience working for a luxury automotive brand. A lot of opportunity to showcase great photography paired with short, impactful headlines and clean designs. Along with the design opportunities, I was able to attend a Vulcan track day out at Circuit of the Americas here in ATX. What a blast being able to experience these race-bred cars up close with the teams of engineers and techs who keep them at peak performance.
Still hoping to get a car out of the partnership ; )
Several print ads we produced early on in the partnership:
Regional landing page digital work:
Everybody needs swag :)
...and everyone needs digital banner ads:
...and of course presentation assets
Additional rounds of print ads
Track Day at Circuit of the Americas!
We were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Aston Martin's Vulcan owners track experience at COTA. We had a very informative day, learning about these powerful, purpose built machines and experiencing the brand at it's best. Below are some impromptu marketing images we were asked to capture day-of. Always be prepared and anticipate your client's needs!
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