Mass Relevance partnered with The CMO Club to survey over 200 Fortune 500 CMOs from around the country. They were asked questions about content marketing, their biggest priorities/challenges for 2014, and the best ways to engage their audiences. What we found is sure to get the gears in your head turning. 
I was approached to develop the overall look and feel for the study, as well as execute the layout and design for the entire document.  I wanted to choose a visual that was fun and approachable, as most of these types of studys are very dry and boring. We arrived at the style you see below, which keeps the readers attention while guiding them through all the critical data points.
Cover Page
Forward by Sam Decker, Mass Relevance CEO
A Key Data Point can't miss it!
Visually engaging graphs invite the reader to explore, and quirky labels drive engagement and brand affinity.
Small easy to understand icons and illustrations cater to those who have little time to read through studies like this.
Exploding views of charts help to add anchor elements to the page.
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