I have been wanting to get more practice in with my digital drawing lately, so I decided to take on a small personal project! I'm not classically trained in any way when it comes to drawing, so I often find myself using reference imagery as a starting point, and in this case I found a stellar image to work from. I really wanted to focus on using just a single tool/brush to execute the drawing, and I settled on some pretty 'standard' pencil settings.

Using Adobe Fresco, my iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil, I set out to see how much detail I could render in simple black and white. Over the course of several weeks, I made good progress on the drawing, reworking sections and learning more about the best way to shade certain materials, and how best to render detail on metallic and very dark materials. 

I'm really happy I took the time on this little personal project, as it was a good little learning opportunity with some new creative tooling. It also helps that this bike is a real looker, and super fun to ride!
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