Spredfast wanted to highlight it's recent work with global auto manufacturer General Motors and produce an asset that highlighted the flexibility and power of their platform. Capture video testimonial footage and create an asset that shows how the Spredfast platform improved General Motor's social presence.
At the Smart Social Summit conference in Austin, they took advantage of an opportunity to get two of their key stakeholders in a room and film some testimonials that would later be transformed into a video case study. We pulled together a small team of videographers, sound techs, makeup artists and had them partner with key relationship managers (CSMs, Account Executives) to prepare questions and prompts that helped us get the answers and statements that were going to be the most impactful for the final asset. We collaborated with GM's internal teams to get b-roll footage, and captured bespoke screen recordings of the Spredfast tools to align perfectly with the talk track of the video.
Creative direction, Video, Production, Lighting, Interviewing
Key Metrics
Video views, video completion, (qualitative) feedback from sales team on value to sales process
Creative Direction, lighting design and second camera: Chris Clements
Primary camera operation, storyboarding, editing and project mgmt: Annielyn Felux
Makeup: Tara Cooper
Sound: Will Harrell
Color: Daniel Stuyck
Behind the scenes:
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