Historically, Spredfast has been very good at marketing initiatives at the mid-to-low sales funnel level. Many of its white-papers, webinars, reports, emails, etc. have targeted the decision maker and practitioner, and done so with good results and engagement.
As the company grew and reached out to more enterprise–level prospects, we realized that we need to invest more heavily in top-of-funnel assets that target VP and C-Level individuals with a brand awareness / affinity play.
In close partnership with the brand and events team, we identified a great opportunity to begin to feature industry innovators who have had tremendous impact on their spaces. One of the core principles of this campaign is that 'inspiration can come from anywhere'. This frees the team to target individuals who aren't necessarily in the social marketing space, and significantly broadens the appeal of the content.
The first SmartSocial Innovator is Ron Johnson, an instrumental leader in the foundation and creation of the Apple retail experience. We had the opportunity to sit down with Ron at our annual SmartSocial Summit and capture these interviews.
We followed Ron's videos with a powerful video with Elaine Welteroth, a young innovator turned social media influencer who lead the efforts to reinvent Teen Vogue.
We're excited to launch future innovators including Jeremy Waite, Chief Strategy Officer at IBM and Rob King, SVP Original Content Newsgathering & Digital Media at ESPN.
Check out the live site: https://www.spredfast.com/innovators
Campaign roles:
Creative Director, Lighting, B–Camera: Chris Clements
Storyboard, Video Capture, Editing: Annielyn Felux
Website Desig: Lindsay Braun
Creative Production Coordinator: Ben Thoma
Sound: Will Harrell
Color: Daniel Stuyck
Campaign Management, Coordination: Caitlin Cavanaugh Scruggs
Ron Johnson – Deliver an experience
Ron Johnson – Digital's impact on retail
Ron Johnson – Be in the relationship business
Elaine Welteroth – How to build a purpose-driven brand
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