Here she is, the SteriClair 300. Now make this black and white box special, and help sell it : )

We were approached with an interesting problem: Help bring an Italian-made UV-C based air sanitizer to the U.S. the middle of a global pandemic. The SARS era technology, while effective, was supported by some fairly dated studies and data which meant we had some digging and updating to do. Oh, and the client needed a refreshed brand in just a few weeks.
Collaborating with the global team, we quickly dove into the technology, figuring out its benefits, differentiators, and thinking about ways we could reinforce key ideas: safety, effectiveness, and ease of use. Market research revealed a great opportunity to establish a bold, graphic, and simple brand that would stand out in a quickly expanding space. Bringing forward a few non-negotiable visual elements, we built a unique and scalable brand to facilitate a quick market entry.
Strategy, Research, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Key Metrics
Completed brand system components, supporting guidance information, speed to completion, buy-in on go-to-market guidance
Sell Sheet / Brochure Design
Website Design
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