Initial Concept Sketches / Wireframes
Digital Publication Overview and Structure
About the Project
The Trifecta ePub is a proof of concept piece that was created to demonstrate our ability to utilize the Adobe® DPS platform to create interactive publications using in-house talent. This self-assigned project allowed us to learn the Adobe DPS tools and workflow without having to worry about deadlines or producing new content.
We utilized online training (, to learn the Adobe DPS tools, producing several experimental documents along the way to test functionality and work through any stumbling blocks. We identified a product that had a variety of assets (videos, image sequences, etc) that would lend themselves well to the interactivity we wanted to feature. We made wireframes of the brochure, identifying various sections and interactive features. Once we identified pre-existing copy to support the flow and story, we sketched out storyboards and started implementation in InDesign. 
Individual Pages (Larger Sizes)
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