For several years, Spredfast needed a visual method to tell complex stories in stand-alone visuals. These images would often be used as headline imagery for case studies, editorials, and in presentations, so they needed to stand out amongst the sea of visual content our audiences are bombarded with each day. 

Our solution was the VizHack, an abbreviation for 'Visual Hacking'. By combining hand illustration over photography, we arrived at a visual style that was both unique and a big departure from typical visuals from companies trying to sell software. 

Over several years, we developed a standard process for production. We began with stakeholder meetings discussing primary messages or outcomes. We would focus in on what the most important things were that needed to be visually represented, and found these preliminary discussions immensely helpful in reducing churn during concepting. From there we moved onto initial sketches and options, internal / external approvals and ultimately to engaging in-house or external illustrators.

We had the great opportunity to work with Maceo Eagle ( on a great number of these vizhacks. He brought a unique style and perspective to these works, and helped us to solidify our illustration style during that time period. 
We were also recognized by MediaPost in 2016 with an OMMA Award for the illustration approach. The OMMA Awards were created in 2004 to honor agencies and advertisers that push the potential of digital advertising.
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