My role in this project was creative direction, photography, spot copywriting and design. So basically soup-to-nuts!
Xoran's xCAT ENT was a radical new approach and design for a portable CT scanner. The product was beautifully designed, with ergonomics and aesthetics that also enhanced its serviceability and ease-of-use. 
As part of their go to market strategy, the product managers all agreed that a high-end, printed brochure was a must-have. The only problem was that we had an extremely limited budget, essentially only enough for printing. We set out to brainstorm what could be accomplished with only in-house resources.
To tackle the photography, we utilized the demo unit located in the warehouse, and I shot all of the images in the brochure with a prosumer DSLR and an off camera flash. Add in a heavy dose of photoshop and noise reduction (it was 2008 people!) and we had a set of workable product images that could be used.
Product images alone can't tell the story of the product, so we started focusing on the design of the product, specifically seeking out 3D CAD renderings from the engineering team. After a little back and forth, the engineers were able to export files that could be used for graphic purposes, and these ended up being layered into various pages as textural elements.
The last and most difficult section would be the workflow section, as we had zero usable images of the xCAT ENT in use during a patient procedure. It would have been quite difficult to get these, and you can imagine the certifications, security clearances, and permissions we would have needed to get in order to get a camera into a real operating room. Luckily, our distributor partners (Medtronic) came to the rescue.
With a VASTLY bigger budget, Medtronic was quite used to creating short animations for a great deal of the products they sell. Upon seeing the animation, we decided that utilizing a a simple screenshots along with a few screen grabs of this animation would suffice to tell the workflow story.
In the end, our stakeholders were happy and quite honestly surprised at the quality of the final product.
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