Upland Software brand refresh
A complete SaaS/tech brand refresh and system creation
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Black Lives Matter
We can use design to help create social change.
Illustration, Creative Direction, Social
A collection of various illustrations
Illustration, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
Cafe Racer
A personal drawing / illustration project with a very fun subject
Illustration, Drawing, Type
Richard's Rainwater
Rolling out a new brand across the entire business.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
SmartSocial Innovators
A thought-leadership content marketing program
Creative Direction, Video Production, Design
Aston Martin - The Americas
Digital and traditional marketing campaign support.
Creative Direction, Design, Marketing
Spredfast Social Suite and Saloon 2016
Creating an immersive tech lounge experience at SXSWi.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Event Design
Spredfast Website Design Refresh
A visual and language refresh of the company's marketing pages.
Creative Direction, UX, Visual design
SteriClair Branding and Market Entry
Bring an Italian-based air sanitizer to the U.S. market...in the middle of a global pandemic.
Strategy, Research, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Illustration
Mama Fu's Creative Support
Enabling Mama Fu's rapid growth with branding, creative, and marketing support.
Creative Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
General Motors Case Study Video
Showcasing success implementing Spredfast products at GM.
Creative Direction, Video Production
Social Visualization Dashboard Template
Designing a flagship social visualization template for events powered by the Mass Relevance platform.
UX, Data Visualization, Graphic Design
Vault Product Launch Campaign
A new software product launch campaign.
Creative Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design
National Leadership Meeting Opening Video
Opening video for the 2012 St. Jude Medical national leadership meeting.
Cinematography, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Spredfast VizHack
Developing a unique, award-winning illustration and storytelling approach for Spredfast.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Editorial
2015 Spredfast Summit Event Design
Event branding and design for the 2015 Spredfast Summit.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
SmartSocial Suite 2018
Creating a rooftop lounge and evening poolside party at SXSWi.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Event Design
Spredfast Social Stage 2016
Creating an unforgettable evening at the Moody Theater during SXSW.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Event Design, Photography
Spredfast Presentation Platform
A comprehensive, consolidated, and purposeful approach to branded presentations.
Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Platform
St. Jude Medical Education Calendar
Enabling the SJM education team by consolidating their event marketing efforts into a single app
Art Direction, UI/UX, Graphic Design, Training & Enablement
Mass Relevance Platform Launch Campaign
Developing the marketing campaign to promote the launch of the Mass Relevance platform.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX
2015 Spredfast Social Stage Event Branding
Creating a memorable setting for Future Islands and The Flaming Lips during SXSWi.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion
SXSW Mass Relevance Social Site
Designing a mobile companion to help users stay in the know during SXSWi.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX
2015 Spredfast SXSW Social Suite Branding
Designing the Mass Relevance social suite lounge experience during SXSWi.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Event Design
Spredfast Social Marketing Content
Selected social marketing creative created for Spredfast.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
At The Speed of Life: The CMO Study
Creative direction and execution on The CMO Study for Mass Relevance / Spredfast.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
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